Project Timeline
With endless gratitude... Looking back at how fast this build went up is a tribute to the exceptional skills of John Willson at Northern Builders, and Kevin Giar at
(Giar Excavation)
. Not only are these guys great to work with, they have genuine talent for what they do. No 'slap-up' jobs here;
comparing the quality of their work to contracters we have worked with over 30 years puts them both at the very top of their game.
                                        Thanks to John, Kevin and their talented network, our dreams are becoming possible.


Our Search for a home is underway-
and our budget says...


The land interested us enough to see it
in its worst weather conditions.

Fortunately, a huge snow event was
happening. If we could get there, and the
roads were clear and local services were
running normally- we would offer.

So we went. And they were. So we did.

After the storms- walking our land.
First meeting with the builder; discussing
terrain and difficulties. 

Merridy and I use Architectural CAD
to visualize our home...
And the actual results  match the CAD >>
...but better!

Spring is starting to poke out of the snow.

Signs of life abound. Storms weave in and
out bringing tons of moisture to the dry
End of may...we hear rumors about
a drive-way!

They're true!

John and Kevin apparently don't even
know how to waste time.
These Guys Are Amazing!

Kit arrives 6.26.17
Day 1 of constuction begins 7.7.17

Before the end of the month...
dry-in is complete!


Concrete prep; drainfield and septic
in  progress...thanks- Rick & team, Kevin!
More great contractors:

Rick Knust Masonry
Forms in, great pour and flatwork done...

Our plumber made some big under-
concrete errors, so we don't have a
recommendation here for him...


AC Power In...!

Septic in and complete!

Most infrastructure complete;

Next: Well Drilling and Kevin's
finishing touches!
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