The House Set: The Main Event
I just get the call that the house will be showing up in 1 hour. When I go to the bottom of the driveway, a bad scene comes into view.
Really BAD timing, the county had decided to blacktop the roads out in front of our house, after we have been waiting for over 2
months for the house to arrive. We hadn't seen any notice that this was going to happen....

I have two 18 wheelers about to show up, and the road is filled with dump trucks, paving vehicles, and large asphalt haulers. When I go
over to a flagman standing at my drive, I explain that we have 80,000 lbs of house about to show up on, two semi-trailers, so can I talk
to the manager in charge?.
His face dropped at my question, as he stopped a row of cars to allow a large truck to pass, and he said " Oh man, I don't know who that
this is my first day on this job!!!"
Amazingly, they arrive safely, and work their way up to our 'pad'. Again, it requires some heavy equipment to move them into place for the

Two days later, the crane arrives, and the homes are moved into place for the Set.

Basement supports have to be added to a walkout to handle the weight of the structure across a long span. Floor jacks were supplied for this
task, and were placed during the set.